Vater unser

March 2011

The Estonian label Estonian Record Productions in cooperation with the International Arvo Pärt Centre has recorded and released Arvo Pärt’s Vater unserVater unser (Our Father) was created in 2005 from a German prayer for piano and boy soprano or countertenor. In 2011 the composer dedicated the work to Pope Benedict XVI.

Vater unser was recorded in the Estonia concert hall on 30 March, 2011. The composer had invited the boy soprano Heldur Harry Põlda to sing the solo, and himself provided the accompaniment at the piano. The sound engineer was Tanel Klesment, and the recording producer was Peeter Vähi. This is the first recording made of Vater unser.

The CD single comes with a manuscript score written in Arvo Pärt’s own hand. The release was designed by Mart Kivisild.
The CD single is available as of 24 August, 2011 from the centre’s webshop here.

Listen to a fragment of Vater Unser:

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