“I would compare my music with white light which contains all the colors. Only a prism can extract the colours and make them visible to us. The prism could be the consciousness of the listener.” (Arvo Pärt)

About Us

The Arvo Pärt Centre would like to make the composer’s music and his thoughts accessible. Knowledge about his Work needs to be passed on to the future generations and conveyed throughout the world.

The “heart” of the Arvo Pärt Centre, the archive, will become the center point in available materials to researches.

The Arvo Pärt Centre aims to become an open meeting place for musicians, musicologists, research fellows, schools and everyone who is interested in the music of the composer and its genesis.


In addition to its own income from ticket, other sales and state subsidies from the Republic of Estonia, the Arvo Pärt Centre finances its activities with the generous help of its members.

When you make a donation, you are giving much more than financial support; you are helping us to cultivate an environment for researching the work of Arvo Pärt – his music and its message. Through your help we can extend the archive and with it make Arvo Pärts heritage accessible to the public.

Whether you are a company, a foundation, or an individual contributor, discover the various ways in which you can partner with the Arvo Pärt Centre.

All donors can be acknowledged by name at the members area of the Friends, Arvo Pärt Society and Patrons, corporate donors and archive donors.