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Arvo Pärt Society

The Arvo Pärt Society (APS) was established in 2017 to substantially and financially support the activities of the Arvo Pärt Centre. It aims to create an extended, exclusive network of supporters who wish to contribute to the safeguarding of Arvo Pärt’s heritage and the message of his music.

Members will benefit from the Arvo Pärt Centre as it draws like-minded people tospecial events and concerts at the Arvo Pärt Centre andacross the globe through the music of Arvo Pärt to share in the creative exchange of ideas.

Over the last two years, such events have taken place at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, foundation Louis Vuitton Paris, during the performance of Adam’s Passion (directed by Robert Wilson) at the Konzerthaus Berlin and following the occasion of presenting Arvo Pärt with the Ratzinger Prize at the Vatican.

Benefits For Members Of The Arvo Pärt Society:

  • Acknowledged by name at the members area if desired
  • Exclusive tour through the archive, an area normally closed to visitors
  • Personal extensive tour through the Arvo Pärt Centre guided by our musicologists
  • An exclusive concert with music by Arvo Pärt at an international location
  • Experience the process of a real and authentic choir or orchestra rehearsal before a concert with music by Arvo Pärt. This may take place at various International locations. Please contact us for a more detailed schedule of notable upcoming concerts
  • Annual meeting in combination with an event below
  • Personal invitations to concerts at the Arvo Pärt Centre and worldwide as well as information about events
  • All APS members will have a tree planted at the APC estate in their name, which they can plant themselves in connection to a visit to our Centre. In case you cannot come yourself, you can assign a person to plant the tree in your stead
  • Once a year we will organize an exclusive walk or bike tour through Estonia’s natural environment, accompanied by an expert
  • 20% discount on all purchases through our Online shop and the shop at the APC

Membership is acquired through a membership fee of 100 euros and a contributing donation of 4,900 euros, both annually.

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Please note that you may only claim back the tax for the donation not the membership fee of 100 euros. More information about tax benefits on the information page of the country you donate from after joining and donating.

You may contact us at any time should you have any questions:

Paula Fritze
Tel: +372 604 0470