About the Centre

The Arvo Pärt Centre was founded in 2010 by Arvo Pärt and his family with the aim of creating opportunities for preserving and researching the creative heritage of the composer in his native land, Estonia, and in the context of the Estonian language.

The centre is situated in Laulasmaa, 35 km from Tallinn, on a peninsula with magnificent natural surroundings – within a pine forest near the sea.

The building for the centre has been named Aliina – a name that symbolises new beginnings in Pärt’s music. It was with the piano piece “Für Alina” that the tintinnabuli style was introduced in 1976.

The core of the Arvo Pärt centre is the archive, which brings together the entire creative heritage of the composer and related information and documents, both in physical and digital form.

Latest News

Vox Clamantis – 20

Today Vox Clamantis celebrates 20 years together, and during much of that time, the ensemble’s repertoire has included the work of contemporary composers along side early music. Many years of close cooperation and warm friendship have bound Arvo Pärt and the ensemble together, and today Vox Clamantis is one of the most beloved and esteemed ambassadors of the music of Pärt in the world. The composer Arvo Pärt and the Arvo Pärt Centre would like to extend warm wishes to Vox Clamantis and its artistic director Jaan-Eik Tulvet on the occasion of this important anniversary.

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