Using archive photos

Using photographs for educational purposes and in textbooks – free of charge

Using photographs in printed media – 8 euros

Using photographs in materials for sale (books, booklets, programmes, posters etc.) – 25 euros

Licences for the centre’s own productions

Using film material produced by the centre on television:

up to 30 min – 400 euros
over 30 min – 800 euros

Texts compiled on request

A text of 1,800 char – 50 euros
A text of 3,600 char – 100 euros


Personalised service, compiling a list of materials and compiling an exhibition on request – 15 euros per hour

Library services

Black and white copies and printouts, A4, single-sided – 0.20 euros / page
Colour copies or printouts, A4, single-sided – 0.80 euros / page

The price of a double-sided copy or printout is twice the price of a single-sided copy or printout.

A scanning service (incl. storing the material on the client’s personal data carrier, or sending it to the client’s e-mail) is provided on the same terms and conditions as the black and white copies and printouts.

Compiling bibliographic lists based on library collections, databases and internet sources – 0.50 euros / item

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