The Supervisory Board of the Arvo Pärt Centre consists of three members of the Pärt family, two members of the Non-Fiduciary Board of Trustees, one member of the Artistic Advisory Board, and one representative from the Estonian Ministry of Culture. The composition of the Supervisory Board ensures balance between the Pärt family and representatives from the public and private sectors. The Board’s task is to advise the Arvo Pärt Centre on its plans of action, objectives, and budgetary control.

Chairman of the Board


Immanuel Pärt / Member of the Board
Nora Pärt / Member of the Board
Hillar Sein  / Member of the Board
Dr. Indrek Laul / Member of the Board
Liivika Simmul / Member of the Board
Peter Gartiser / Member of the Board

During the winter season, January 2 to April 30, the Centre will be open from Wed - Sun, from 12.00 - 17.00.