Residency Programme

Terms and Conditions

Arvo Pärt Centre Residency Terms and Conditions

  • The APC Residency Programme welcomes applicants who are consistent with the goals of the centre.
  • The resident works alone in the residency room, except when the residency has been awarded for a group/collective.
  • Artists are expected to work 6-8 hours per day, the residency spaces are accessible during working hours unless agreed separately.
  • The residency does not include the public presentation of work at the APC; there are no available gallery premises at the APC.
  • Projects at the APC residency space do not have to be related to Arvo Pärt’s work.
  • APC does not assess the resident’s work process or completed work.
  • APC does not offer its own ideas and is not a creative cooperation partner, except for musicologists and researchers who deal with topics related to Arvo Pärt’s work.
  • If/when possible, the artist can present their work or process results at the end of the residency, but is not obliged to do so.


How does the application and selection process work?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We are accepting 4-8 artists for 2021, of which two applicants will be chosen to receive the full Arvo Pärt Centre scholarship. For fully covered residency, the decisions will be made twice a year after the deadlines in May and September. One scholarship will be given for summer period and one for autumn/winter period.
Artists are selected by the APC Residency committee, which includes the artistic curators of the Arvo Pärt Centre team. Each member of the committee has an equal vote. The application process is free and open to all, but incomplete applications will not be considered.

Will Arvo Pärt be involved in the residency as a teacher?  

Even though the residency spaces are located in the heart of our centre and close to the composers’ archive, Arvo Pärt will not be officially involved in the residency programme.

What does the residency cost?

For self funded residency as well as for applying support from external funds, the costs depend on the duration of the residency period. The main costs derive from the use of all residency spaces at the APC together with the accommodation at the APC partner hotel LaSpa. For detailed costs for specific period of the year, please contact In addition, the residents are responsible for organizing their own air, sea or land transportation to and from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia as well as local travel from Tallinn to Laulasmaa. Individual transportation can be coordinated through bus or taxi service, and car rental is also possible from the airport. The APC can provide advice and recommendations if requested.
With the full APC scholarhip, all costs including the international travel, use of residency spaces and local accommodation with breakfast will be covered, and per diems will be paid for everyday living costs.

What are the APC expectations to the resident?

The Arvo Pärt Centre does not assess the resident’s work process or completed work. The residents from any field of art are welcome to use the residency room as a private inspirational space.

What does the APC offer to the resident?

The main values that the APC wishes to offer with its residency programme are privacy and silence. The residents are expected to work at the creative room individually, and there will be no simultaneous residencies at the Centre. For musicologists and researchers focusing on Arvo Pärt’s work, the APC archive can act as a collaboration partner.

On November 4 the Centre will close for visitors at 16.00. Apologies!