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Arvo Pärt Centre Endowment

The Arvo Pärt Centre is partly funded by the Arvo Pärt Centre Endowment, a foundation which was established in 2021. The endowment’s role is to provide a permanent source of income for the Arvo Pärt Centre by paying out a portion of its capital as an annual distribution to fund the Centres’ core activities and uphold the values and intellectual legacy of Arvo Pärt. This is achieved by growing its endowment through philanthropic gifts as well as increasing its capital through its investment activities. A contribution to the endowment makes you a lifelong supporter of the Arvo Pärt Centre.

“This opportunity to understand and carry forward the healing power of Arvo’s musical legacy is precious for our species.”

Christina McBride and Evan Sharp,
co-founder of Pinterest and APC Endowment anchor donor 

Council members

The endowment is led by a council of four members: chairman Ott Kaukver, Nora Pärt, Kaidi Ruusalepp and Ranno Tingas. The endowment’s managing director is Michael Pärt.

Ott Kaukver holds a bachelor’s degree from Estonian Business School and master’s degree from INSEAD Business School. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Checkout.com, a payment processing company and previous CTO at Twilio and Skype. Building the 21st century digital infrastructure has made him Estonia’s most successful technological leader.

Nora Pärt has studied choral conducting and musicology at the Tallinn Higher Music School as well as at the Tallinn and Tbilisi State Conservatoires. She is Arvo Pärt’s wife and has been accompanying him throughout his musical journey. Nora may be called Arvo Pärt’s first archivist, having collected and systematised material about his work for decades. Since the establishment of the Arvo Pärt Centre Nora has played an intricate part in mentoring its development at the APC.

Kaidi Ruusalepp holds a bachelor’s in law and a master’s in Strategic Management which she acquired at Tartu University. She is the founder and CEO of Funderbeam, an investing and trading platform for investors to buy and sell equity stakes in private companies. Kaidi worked as a Legal Advisor for the Estonian Government in times where Estonia started to build-up its state information systems. She is also a member of the Digital Council of the President of Estonia Mr Alar Karis and the President of Estonian Founders Society for 2022.

Ranno Tingas has studied law at Tartu University and achieved his master’s in Law at Tallinn University of Technology. Ranno is a Tax Partner at Ernst & Young. He is also active as a Member of the Management Board of Ernst & Young Baltic and FinanceEstonia and a Member of the Taxation Committee AmCham Estonia.

Michael Pärt holds a master’s in Music for Composing for Film and TV from Kingston University in London. He has been actively involved as Producer and Music Editor on feature films over the last 20 years. After co-founding the Arvo Pärt Centre in 2010 he has been leading its council by focusing on the foundations’ development and private fundraising prospects. In 2021, Michael, together with his parents, founded the Arvo Pärt Centre Endowment and convened a council of 5 members, through whose diverse expertise he aims to build-up and grow the foundation and its capital.
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Legal Info

Founded by Arvo Pärt, Eleanora Pärt and Michael Pärt, the APC Endowment Foundation (APC Endowment SA, register code 90015436) is registered in Estonia and audited by OÜ E-Audit. Our statute can be read here.

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If you would like to learn more about our initiatives or wish to discuss contributing to the endowment, please feel free to contact us:

Michael Pärt 
+372 502 5571

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Anni Marie Rea

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