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For visitors with special needs

Anyone with an interest in the music and world of Arvo Pärt are welcome to the Centre. We recommend writing to info@arvopart.ee or phoning our information desk on +372 335 3000 before arriving, so we can make your visit to the Centre as comfortable as possible.

Arrival and parking

A designated forest path leads from the parking lot to the Centre, which is located 250 metres away.

Vehicles with disabled tags are allowed to drive further from the main visitors’ parking lot along the Kellasalu Road. There are two designated parking spaces opposite the building at 10 Kellasalu tee. From there, a forest path of 80 metres leads to the Centre. Please note that there is a small slope at the beginning of the road.

Visitors with specials needs can request parking in our employee parking lot located next to the building and enter through the employee entrance. Please let us know of this in advance at info@arvopart.ee or phone +372 335 3000.

Moving around the building

There are no stairs at the main entrance to the building, the entrance is at the same level as the ground. The building does not have thresholds and the entire floor is on the same level. Two walking frames (rollator type) are available for guests of the Centre.
On visiting with a guide dog, please let us know in advance by writing to info@arvopart.ee or phoning +372 335 3000.

Toilet for the disabled

The toilet for the disabled (with sliding door) is located near the information desk.

For the hearing-impaired

The information desk and information hall currently do not have hearing loops.


To book a tour for people with special needs we ask you to contact info@arvopart.ee.

On June 22, the Centre is open until 4.00 p.m., on June 23, the Centre is closed. Happy Victory Day and Midsummer to everyone!

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