October 2016

One should be careful about every sound, word, act. About the programme of the first tintinnabuli-concert

The concert on 27 October 1976, featuring the première of seven of Arvo Pärt’s compositions with a completely new sound, with the general title Tintinnabuli, performed by the ensemble Hortus Musicus, Tallinn Chamber Choir and soloists, had a comprehensive programme booklet. It included Nora Pärt’s commentary on Arvo Pärt’s new sound, and excerpts from the composer’s musical diary.

The cradle of tintinnabuli – 40 years since a historic concert

This year the 27th October marks the 40th anniversary of the concert that introduced the word “tintinnabuli” to the audience for the first time related to Arvo Pärt’s music. The Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn hosted the ensemble Hortus Musicus, the Tallinn Chamber Choir and soloists in a concert where the first half featured Arvo Pärt’s cycle of works. The programme included an explanation of “Tintinnabuli”.

Sofia Gubaidulina 85

Today, the composer Sofia Gubaidulina is celebrating her 85th birthday. Her bright and profoundly unique creations have left a lasting mark in music history. Sofia Gubaidulina has written symphonic and […]

Praemium Imperiale to Gidon Kremer

The composer Arvo Pärt and the Arvo Pärt Centre wish to offer their heartfelt congratulations to Gidon Kremer for receiving the renowned Praemium Imperiale prize.

Birthday wishes for Robert Wilson – 75

The Arvo Pärt Centre and composer Arvo Pärt wish to offer heartfelt congratulations to Robert Wilson, the maestro of contemporary theatre, who is celebrating his 75th birthday today.

Steve Reich 80

One of the most significant and beloved composers of our time Steve Reich celebrates his 80th birthday today. Thank you for your music, Steve Reich!