May 2017

Arvo Pärt receives Per Artem Ad Deum Medal from Pontifical Council for Culture

Today, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tallinn held a ceremony to award Arvo Pärt with the Per Artem ad Deum medal bestowed by the Pontifical Council for Culture in recognition of achievements that contribute to the promotion of dialogue between the diversity of cultures in the contemporary world and thus promote man as an individuaal.

Talk show with Nora Pärt now with English translation

On 26 September last year Arvo Pärt’s wife Nora Pärt was a guest in the season opening of cultural TV discussion programm Plekktrumm (ETV2, ERR). The topics discussed included Arvo Pärt’s work and message and also achieving a creative climate in general. The compare was Joonas Hellerma. The discussion program now has English subtitles for anyone who does not understand Estonian.