Bosch, the Garden of Dreams

Film evening

Fri 25. August 2017, 18:00


Sõprus” cinema in the old town (Vana-Posti 8)


Arvo Pärt Centre


Bosch, the Garden of Dreams (El Bosco, el jardín de los sueños) (2016)
Director José Luis López-Linares

The Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch painted the triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, and it is one of his most famous works. With brilliant fantasy it shows paradise, life on earth and hell. It is one of art history’s most significant, famous but at the same time most secretive art works, which has attracted admiration across the ages. Dense with symbolism, the painting is like a door into the world of the late Middle Ages. The film takes the viewer walking into the garden of abundance, which Bosch painted five centuries ago. We find ourselves amidst bright colours, complex drama, humour, tragedy, mystery, life, death and maybe also salvation. The director José Luis López-Linares presents the rich variety in Bosch’s work and with the help of artists, writers, philosophers, musicians, scientists and art historians sheds light on every possible nuance and symbolism in the painting. It is beautiful that despite the extremely thorough study of the world of late Medieval painting and Bosch’s life, the painting Garden of Earthly Delights in the Prado Museum still continues to be a relevant and inspiring mystery.

Arvo Pärt’s pieces Fratres and Vater unser help transport to us into the painting.


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