Ester Mägi. A Distant Land


Sat 13. January 2024, 17.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Mägi Ensemble
Conductor Heather MacLaughlin Garbes


The Mägi Ensemble is a professional SA vocal ensemble that specializes in music from the Baltic region of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their aim is to perform and record music from these countries and promote new choral works from Baltic women composers.

Specializing in music from all three countries in the Baltic region, the Mägi Ensemble holds a unique position representing each country individually and the unifying aspects of the region as a whole. One of their most significant annual performances is the Baltic Deportation Memorial Service, where all three Seattle area Baltic communities come together to honor and remember those who were brutally taken from their families in June of 1941. The ensemble collaborates regularly with members of the Baltic community in the Seattle region and throughout the United States, and has cultivated relationships with ensembles and composers in each of the Baltic countries. The Mägi Ensemble has also sung for visiting Ambassadors from Latvia and Lithuania as well as past Latvian president, Andris Bērziņš and past Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

With the concert “A Distant Land” / “Kauge maa” we celebrate the 102nd birthday of composer Ester Mägi together with musicians from the other side of the globe.


Arvo Pärt – Peace Upon You, Jerusalem

Arvo Pärt – Zwei Beter

Laura Jēkabsone – Lietus

Ester Mägi – Mõistu

Ester Mägi – Kauge Maa

Ester Mägi – Lumi langeb

Evelin Seppar – Maardurand

Katherine Pukinskis – The Mother Trees

Laura Jēkabsone – Div dūjiņas gaisā skrēja

Laura Leontjeva – Es par bēdu

Vaclovas Augustinas – Tėvyne Mūsų

Peep Sarapik – Ta lendab mesipuu poole