“For The Love Of Music In Georgia. The Paliashvili Music School in Tbilisi”


Sat 8. October 2022, 17.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Dir Marita Stocker (Germany/Georgia, 2018, 52')


Marita Stocker’s touchingly heartfelt film is about the Paliashvili music school located on a mountain near Tbilisi, Georgia, about its young talents and the aging teaching staff, whose ideals and dedication have somehow helped to keep the school afloat during economic difficulties. The school building is in a sad state, the plaster is crumbling, the stairs have holes and it is difficult to get the instruments to sound. Many teachers are already in the age enough to be the grandparents of their students. However, the passionate love for their work, perseverance and demandingness of the pedagogues there have paved the way for many talented young people to great music. Among others, Lisa Batiashvili and Khatia Buniatishvili have received education from there. New talents and their parents dream of future success. But how long will teachers have enough enthusiasm in these circumstances?

“For The Love Of Music” is a film about growing up and aging, goodbyes and new beginnings, big dreams and the all-conquering power of music.

The film has received several accolades, including a special award at the Golden Prague 2020 festival.

“For The Love Of Music In Georgia. The Paliashvili Music School in Tbilisi”
Director Marita Stocker
Producer Günter Atteln
Duration 52 min
Accentus Music
Germany 2018

Language: Georgian
Subtitles: Estonian

More info: https://www.cmajor-entertainment.com/



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