From Creator to creativity: understanding human creativity from theological, pedagogical and psychological perspectives


Fri 28. February 2020, 10:00


Arvo Pärt Centre


St John’s School in collaboration with the Arvo Pärt Centre


Creativity has become an important concept in recent years as it is believed to be the basis of success in business, education, arts and culture. The celebrated speaker Sir Ken Robinson criticised the education system of the Western world for placing too much significance on the cognitive development and downplaying arts. We live in a world where originality and innovation are often equated with progress and development. But is creativity always about innovation? Is creativity about producing new things, products, ideas, methods? Is it necessary to be always ‘original’?

We hope that the dialogue between Orthodox theology, the various humanities, as well as psychology will allow to find some novel approaches to the problem of creativity and education and inspire educators and creative people. This conference proposes an interdisciplinary approach to creativity. We invite psychologists, researchers and practitioners in education, theologians and creative persons to reflect on eternal creativity of the Divine and human creativity. Our investigation of creativity will be incomplete without the contribution of the artists, writers and composers, who produce creative work and are inspired by the spirituality of the Orthodox church.

The program and registration: https://konverents.pjk.ee/en


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