Seven Sleepers’ Day

Musical performance

Thu 13. June 2024, 19:00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Riina Roose / troupe


Tallinna Linnateater


Lullabies, one of the most ancient forms of folklore, have been passed down from one generation to another over hundreds of years. Riina Roose and a group of Tallinn City Theatre’s actors have decided to delve into the world of lullabies and present their findings to you. Just like Riina Roose’s previous productions in Tallinn City Theatre (“The Songs of Estonian Theatre”, “The Songs of Estonian Film” and “Osnap”), “Seven Sleepers’ Day” combines both music and drama: words of wisdom from the dreamworld in between songs. On top of lullabies, there will be songs about evenings, nights and twilight as well as various quiet and soothing songs from Estonian authors, mixed in with lullabies from other Finno-Ugric cultures. The play is inspired by the acoustics of Arvo Pärt Centre.


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