The Wait


Sat 10. April 2021, 17.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Elena Brazhnyk (soprano)
Olga Kulikova (piano)


The Great Lent is a time of silence and for looking into one’s heart. Everywhere, people and nature alike, there is a steady waiting. This silence holds a special moment – the Feast of the Annunciation, when the soul sings and the rebirth (as yet invisible to the eye) takes place. It is also a wonderful turning point in Slavic tradition – Заклинание весны. The long-awaited spring breaks the spell of winter to burst into joyous blossom and the arrival of Easter.

Heralds of spring, Ukrainian soprano Elena Brazhnyk and Estonian-born pianist Olga Kulikova will perform a selection of solo songs from the rich Russian musical tradition on the stage at the Arvo Pärt Centre. The audience will hear vocal miniatures by Sviridov, Rachmaninoff and Taneyev, as well as works by Ukrainian masters Lesya Dichko and Yuliy Meitus.


Tickets are soon available from Fienta and from the centre's info desk.


From December 23th to January 1st the centre is closed.