Arvo Pärt Centre Open for Artist Residency Applications


The Centre dedicated to the works of the composer Arvo Pärt is launching its recidency programme, offering artists from different fields of creativity a possibility to look for new ideas and concentrate on their work. The residency’s duration is from 1 to 4 weeks. The Centre awards a residency scholarship twice a year.

 The residency is open to composers, musicians, writers, visual artists, architects, filmmakers and choreographers as well as to artists from other genres.

“The Centre has a special spacious creative room that is above all a peaceful place for engaging in creative work in any stage of its development – without necessarily expecting a project to be completed,” says Riin Eensalu, Programme Manager at the Arvo Pärt Centre. In addition to the creative room, it is possible to use the Centre’s library, the classrooms, the arts room, as well as the available musical instruments, upon request.

“It is important to mention that the artist’s work or projects developed at the APC residency space do not have to be related to Arvo Pärt’s work in any way. The Centre will not be a direct creative partner to the artist-in-residence, except for the musicologists who come here to study the composer’s work,” Eensalu added.

The residency room can be used for shorter periods throughout the year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and the residency period depends on the availability of the room.

For more information about the costs and conditions, please contact: riin@arvopart.ee.

The Arvo Pärt Centre awards two residency scholarships each year for focusing on a larger project. The scholarship will cover all costs associated with the programme. This will include international travel, use of residency facilities, hotel accommodation nearby and per diems.

The deadlines for submitting your application for the APC residency scholarship are 31 May and 30 September. The winning applicant is announced 14 days after the submission deadlines.

For applying, please fill in the application form on the APC website:


The Arvo Pärt Centre is located in Laulasmaa, 35 kilometres from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on a beautiful natural peninsula between  the sea and a pine forest. As the Centre does not include its own accommodation facilities, the  residency will be combined with

hotel accommodation nearby, 800m walking distance from the Centre.

Riin Eensalu
Phone: +372 5656 6605

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