Friday, 15 October


10.00–10.15    Gathering

10.15–10.30    Opening

10.30–11.30     Peter J. Schmelz (Keynote Speaker) – Arvo Pärt and Valentin Silvestrov: Creative Parallels from Experimentation to Sensation (video presentation)

11.30–12.15      Leopold Brauneiss – Characteristics of the Compositional Process in Arvo Pärt’s Tintinnabuli Technique

12.30–14.00     Lunch


14.00–14.45      Chris May – Cyclical Structure and Dramatic Technique in Litany (video presentation)

14.45–15.30      Elena Tokun – Arvo Pärt: The New Strict Style of Tintinnabuli

15.30–16.15       Toomas Siitan – Pärt, Bach and the Bees

16.15–17.30        Coffee break

17.30–18.30       Concert: ensemble Vox Clamantis, conductor Jaan-Eik Tulve


Saturday, 16 October


10.00–10.45    Tauri Tölpt – The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed in the Works of Arvo Pärt

10.45–11.30     Nikita Andrejev – The Theology of the Word Underlying the Creativity of Arvo Pärt

11.30–12.15      Peter C. Bouteneff – Case Studies in Pärt’s Textual Settings: Silent and Sounded

12.15–13.30      Lunch


13.30–14.15     Andreas Waczkat – The Sound(s) of Silence: Presence of the Unhearable in Arvo Pärt’s Silentium

14.15–15.00    Jeffers Engelhardt – Tintinnabuli’s Materiality (or, Listening to Pärt like a Piano Technician) (video presentation)

15.00–15.45    Kevin C. Karnes – Tintinnabuli and the Sacred: A View from the Archives, 1976–1977 (video presentation)

15.45–16.15       Coffee break

16.15–17.30       Discussion