Friday, 15 October


10.00–10.15    Gathering

10.15–10.30    Opening

10.30–11.30     Peter J. Schmelz (Keynote Speaker) – Arvo Pärt and Valentin Silvestrov: Creative Parallels from Experimentation to Sensation (video presentation)

11.30–12.15      Leopold Brauneiss – Characteristics of the Compositional Process in Arvo Pärt’s Tintinnabuli Technique

12.30–14.00     Lunch


14.00–14.45      Chris May – Cyclical Structure and Dramatic Technique in Litany (video presentation)

14.45–15.30      Mart Humal – Arvo Pärt’s Second Symphony and XJI-Invariant Twelve-Tone Rows

15.30–16.15       Toomas Siitan – Pärt, Bach and the Bees

16.15–17.30        Coffee break

17.30–18.30       Concert: ensemble Vox Clamantis, conductor Jaan-Eik Tulve


Saturday, 16 October


10.00–10.45    Tauri Tölpt – The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed in the Works of Arvo Pärt

10.45–11.30     Nikita Andrejev – The Theology of the Word Underlying the Creativity of Arvo Pärt

11.30–12.15      Peter C. Bouteneff – Case Studies in Pärt’s Textual Settings: Silent and Sounded

12.15–13.30      Lunch


13.30–14.15     Andreas Waczkat – The Sound(s) of Silence: Presence of the Unhearable in Arvo Pärt’s Silentium

14.15–15.00    Jeffers Engelhardt – Tintinnabuli’s Materiality (or, Listening to Pärt like a Piano Technician) (video presentation)

15.00–15.45    Kevin C. Karnes – Tintinnabuli and the Sacred: A View from the Archives, 1976–1977 (video presentation)

15.45–16.15       Coffee break

16.15–17.30       Discussion

The conference is supported by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies).

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