Farewell, Veljo Tormis!


The much loved composer, Veljo Tormis died on 21 January 2017.

I remember well, many decades ago, being staggered to witness the immense resonance and interest for Veljo Tormis’ music in the West. He reached far outside the borders of Estonia and was a discovery on the cultural landscape of the West. Many nationalities recognised a deep need for a similar approach to their own national cultural heritage, as the one that resounds in Veljo Tormis’ music. This joy at recognising a kindred spirit explains the resounding popularity of his work outside of Estonia.

We are glad that he was and remains an decoder of our musical DNA, a great cornerstone of our culture.

We thank you for this, dear Veljo!
Arvo Pärt

The Arvo Pärt Centre concurs with Pärt’s sentiments and expresses their condolences to those close to Veljo Tormis.

In memoriam Veljo Tormis (7.08.1930–21.01.2017)

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