In memoriam Giya Kancheli


One of the most remarkable composers in the modern world of music, Giya Kancheli (10 August, 1935 – 2 October, 2019) from Georgia passed away today. Arvo Pärt feels deeply moved by the loss of a dear colleague and a long-time friend, and he will miss his kindred spirit a lot. Both he and the Arvo Pärt Centre wish to express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Giya Kancheli.

Kancheli’s music as a whole is characterised by strong emotionality, a lush world of tone colours, richness of contrasts and interest in spiritual topics. The common thread in Arvo Pärt’s and Giya Kancheli’s music is their strive towards clarity and purity.

The Arvo Pärt Centre dedicates the concert Fratres by Hortus Musicus on 5 and 6 October to the memory of Giya Kancheli. Kancheli’s work Helesa will be performed at the concert.

In the photo: (From left to right) Valentin Silvestrov, Giya Kancheli, Alexander Knaifel, a family friend and Arvo Pärt in 1990s in the Pärts’ home in Berlin. (Photo: Nora Pärt)

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