Laurie Anderson visits the Arvo Pärt Centre


On Saturday, 13 January, the versatile American artist and musician Laurie Anderson visited the Arvo Pärt Centre. A long-time admirer of Pärt’s work, Anderson showed a deep fascination with the composer’s creative process. She closely examined Pärt’s sketches and schemes, expressing keen interest in the meanings behind the symbols and figures in them. The composer’s unique method of visually intricate and figurative notation of his works’ structures particularly surprised her. Anderson also expressed admiration for the centre’s permanent exhibition, finding inspiration in the composer’s thoughts projected onto illuminated columns. The chapel, which she felt embodied the essence of both the centre and Arvo Pärt’s creations, made a significant impression on her.

During her visit, Anderson also interacted with a Ukrainian musician couple who are spending a two-month residency at the centre. Their lively conversation spanned the contrasts in musical life between the United States and Europe. After listening to a recording of their current project, Anderson offered recommendations on some of the latest intriguing musical compositions from the United States.

On June 22, the Centre is open until 4.00 p.m., on June 23, the Centre is closed. Happy Victory Day and Midsummer to everyone!

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