Liberal arts seminar series on Arvo Pärt at University of Tartu


In connection with its Liberal Arts professorship, during the current academic year the University of Tartu will hold a series of seminars on Arvo Pärt titled “Word and Music” led by Prof. Toomas Siitan from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

The seminars will focus on the work of Arvo Pärt by analysing his most important pieces, the basis of their compositional technique and their conceptual connection to religious texts.
The seminars that took place during the first semester can now be accessed through Tartu University TV (in Estonian):

25.09.13 “Pärt and Modernism: on the formation of Arvo Pärt’s compositional technique in the 1960s and his conflicting relationship with modern aesthetics” http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18017&keel=eng

23.10.13 “Impasse and pause: birth of a new language” http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18299&keel=eng

20.11.13 “Tintinnabuli – the grammar of Pärt’s compositional technique” http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18554

11.12.13 “1+1=1” http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18671

08.01 “Word in Arvo Pärt’s music” http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18895

The seminar series will continue in the spring semester and is open to all interested. The next seminars will take place on 12 February, 12 March, 23 April and 21 May at 4.15 pm.
Further information: Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts, University of Tartu
Seminar materials: http://www.flku.ut.ee/et/oppematerjalid

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