Photographs: Arvo Pärt explaining the story of the birth of “Für Alina”


Researching and writing about the composer’s creative process is an important part of the everyday work of the Arvo Pärt Centre.

Speaking about the piece for piano “Für Alina” the composer Arvo Pärt likens this to a confession: “As if some sort of road has been prepared in front of you. The curtain has been drawn aside, obstacles have been removed.” This year is 40 years since the first work written in the tintinnabuli style was completed, after a long journey in search of a new musical language, in February 1976. The first time it was possible to hear „Für Alina“ performed in a concert hall was 23 March 1976, when Rein Rannap presented it in his solo concert as an encore.

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