Special seminar about Arvo Pärt’s music by Leopold Brauneiss


From 29 September to 3 October, Leopold Brauneiss, a recognized Austrian musicologist and expert on Arvo Pärt’s compositional techniques, will give a special seminar about Arvo Pärt’s music titled “Another look at Tintinnabuli: An introduction to aesthetics and compositional technique”.

Leopold Brauneiss is the author of several books and musicological arcticles, having extensively researched the elements of tintinnabuli compositional technique, which have been published in the arcticles „Grundsätzliches zum Tintinnabulistil Arvo Pärts“ (2001), „Tintinnabuli: An introduction“ („Arvo Pärt in Conversation“, E. Restagno, 2005) and „Musical archetypes: the basic elements of the tintinnabuli style” ( “The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt”, A. Shenton, 2012). The participants of the course are recommended to read the comprehensive article “Pärts einfache kleine Regeln – Die Kompositionstechnik der Tintinnabuli-Stils in systematischer Darstellung” published in the book “Die Musik des Tintinnabuli-Stils”(2006) by Hermann Conen.

Previously Leopold Brauneiss visited Estonia in autumn 2010 for participating in the intense seminar “The cultural roots of Arvo Pärt’s music” organized by the doctoral school of Cultural Studies and Arts.

Seminars will take place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tatari St 13, Tallinn) from 16:15 to 17:45 at room nr A202. The language of the seminars is English.
The number of participants is limited, registration is necessary through the e-mail address margit@ema.edu.ee before Sept 27, 2014.

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