The participants for the second stage of the competition for designing a building for the Arvo Pärt Centre have been selected


The first stage of the design contest for the Arvo Pärt Centre has finished. 71 applications from around the world were received by the deadline, and 20 participants shall continue in the second stage.

The selection committee, which included a representative of the Arvo Pärt Centre, Michael Pärt, architectural historian Andres Kurg, Head Producer of Eesti Kontsert, Madis Kolk, Chairman of UEA, Peeter Pere, architect Ra Luhse, and lawyer Indrek Kukk, selected 20 architectural firms that are invited to participate in the second stage of the contest.

Both Michael Pärt, the chairman of the contest’s committee, and Peeter Pere, Chairman of the UEA, admit that the high level of competence of participants made the selection process difficult. According to Michael Pärt, they had to intensively work through a very rich and significant selection of architects from around the world. The objective was to identify those whose previous professional creations fit best with the concept and needs of the Arvo Pärt Centre.

Based on the ranking of the first stage’s evaluation results, the following participants were selected for the second stage of the design contest (listed alphabetically):

1. Allied Works Architecture, USA
2. Alver Arhitektid OÜ, Estonia
3. Arhitektibüroo Emil Urbel, Estonia
4. AZPML, United Kingdom
5. Claudio Silvestrin Architects, United Kingdom
7. Henning Larsen Architects, Denmark
8. Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter AS, Norway
9. Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor AB, Sweden
10. Kavakava OÜ, Estonia
11. KOKO Arhitektid OÜ, Estonia
12. Kolm Pluss Üks OÜ, Estonia
13. Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos SLP, Spain
14. OFFICE Kersten Geers David van Severen, Belgium
15. OFIS arhitekti, Slovenia
16. Rick Joy Architects, USA
17. Salto AB OÜ, Estonia
18. Schneider+Schumacher Planungsgesellschaft, Germany
19. Stuudio Tallinn OÜ, Estonia
20. Zaha Hadid Architects, United Kingdom

Peeter Pere admits that these 20 participants form a very eclectic group, who will all continue in the contest anonymously and from the same starting point. “Paradoxically, a unique style of Estonian music and a unique composer are bringing to life a unique type of architecture. This is all taking place away from official centres of attraction, with the end result being that the pine forest chosen for the centre’s building has become extraordinarily attractive,” said Pere.

The prize fund for the two-stage design contest is EUR 30,000. The winning design shall be announced on 20 June 2014.

The contest website is located at http://www.arhliit.ee/apc

On June 22, the Centre is open until 4.00 p.m., on June 23, the Centre is closed. Happy Victory Day and Midsummer to everyone!

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