Two reviews published about „The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt“ collection


Two interesting reviews representing oppositional viewpoints have been published about „The Cambridge Company to Arvo Pärt” – the collection of articles edited by Andrew Shenton. The first is an article by Toomas Siitan, professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which was published in “Res Musica” 5/2013, the yearbook of the Estonian Musicological Society. The second is the review by Christopher J. May, a doctoral student in music at the University of Oxford, which originally appeared in “Music & Letters” in June 2013.

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Both reviews are available here:
Toomas Siitan – http://www.arvopart.ee/en/Selected-texts/review-to-a-shentons-book-by-t-siitan
Christopher J. May – http://www.arvopart.ee/en/Selected-texts/review-to-a-shentons-book-by-c-may

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