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Pärt honoured by Russian colleagues

International Association of People in Music (Международный союз музыкальных деятелей) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017. According to Professor Aleksandr Sokolov, President of the Society and Rector of the Moscow Conservatory, the association decided to honour the composer Arvo Pärt for his outstanding contribution to the development of music with the honorary title of  Honored Artist of Music.

Exhibition TABULA – Arvo Pärt Centre to be opened in Berlin

The exhibition TABULA – Arvo Pärt Centre by Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, the architects of the Arvo Pärt Centre, will be opened on 8 December in Berlin’s prestigious Aedes Architekturforum, where it will introduce the architecture and conceptual points of departure for the new Arvo Pärt Centre building. The exhibition will be on view until 16 January 2018.

First recording of Pro et contra released on LP

The Estonian cellist Toomas Velmet recently celebrated his 75th birthday. On that occasion, the ERP record company released Velmet’s record Contra aut pro?. Released as an LP, the collection features eight recordings from 1967 to 1992 stored in the Estonian Radio archives. The LP features Arvo Pärt’s cello concerto Pro et contra (1966) recorded in 1967.

New books on Arvo Pärt

In the second half of 2017, three scientific studies have been published on Arvo Pärt’s work and its reception: Arvo Pärt’s White Light, a collection of articles edited by Laura Dolp, Arvo Pärt’s Tabula Rasa, a monograph by Kevin Karnes, and Arvo Pärt’s Resonant Texts, a monograph by Andrew Shenton. All three books were published by the prestigious publishing houses of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

Topping-out party at Arvo Pärt Centre

Construction works on the new building at the Arvo Pärt Centre have reached an important milestone: most of the building is now covered with a roof, and so reaches the maximum height of 10.55 metres. In celebration of this event, the Arvo Pärt Centre held a topping-out party to thank and treat the builders and the main contractor of the construction works, AS Ehitustrust.

Two exhibitions on Arvo Pärt open in Tartu Public Library

From 20 October until 18 November, the Music Department gallery in the Tartu Public Library will host an exhibition of photographs by Tõnu Tormis, “On Pärt”. Displaying this exhibition from 2005 is possible thanks to collaboration between Tartu Public Library, Tõnu Tormis and the Arvo Pärt Centre Another display on the composer, “Enchanted By the Work of Arvo Pärt”, will be open outside the Music Department on the 4th floor.

Jaan Rääts 85

The Arvo Pärt Centre and the composer Arvo Pärt cordially congratulate the composer Jaan Rääts on his 85th birthday.

Arvo Pärt wins the Ratzinger Prize

The Joseph Ratzinger Foundation, also known as the Pope Benedict XVI Foundation in the Vatican, has announced that in addition to outstanding theologians the winners of this year’s Ratzinger Prize also include the composer Arvo Pärt.