An international conference opening up different aspects of creativity


On 27‒29 February, an international conference on education and theology, “From Creator to creativity: understanding human creativity from theological, pedagogical and psychological perspectives”, will be held in Tallinn and Laulasmaa. For the second year running, the St. John the Evangelist School conference will be held in collaboration with the Arvo Pärt Centre.

At the heart of this year’s conference is the question of creativity, understood through various scientific disciplines. Does creativity always mean innovation? Are creativity and tradition mutually exclusive or complementary? Is originality always necessary? How should we understand creativity in education? These are just some of the perspectives that the presentations deal with.

The speakers at the conference include internationally recognised theologians, educators, psychologists and creative individuals, such as Metropolitan of Diokleia Kallistos Ware, professor of psychology Renos Papadopoulus, composer, musicologist and priest Fr Ivan Moody, and many others.

Simultaneous interpreting into Estonian, English and Russian will be available for all presentations.

The conference will be hosted by the St. John the Evangelist School (14 Siili, Tallinn) on 27 and 29 February, and by the Arvo Pärt Centre (3 Kellasalu tee, Laulasmaa) on 28 February.

Find out more about the conference programme and speakers at https://konverents.pjk.ee/ava.

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