Andres Mustonen 70


Today, on September 1st, the distinguished Estonian musician Andres Mustonen turns 70.

With his boundless energy and independent spirit, Andres Mustonen has been unreservedly committed to his vocation for more than half a century. Throughout this time, he has also interpreted and performed Arvo Pärt’s works all over the world.

The paths of Pärt and Mustonen crossed already in the early 1970s thanks to the fact that both musicians were deeply interested in early music, which became one of the starting points for Pärt’s unique tintinnabuli style. The early music ensemble Hortus Musicus were first-hand witnesses to Pärt’s search and stylistic shift, and it was at the legendary October 1976 concerts that Hortus Musicus presented to audiences the music for which Arvo Pärt is known today. The premieres included Modus, Für Alina, Trivium, Pari intervallo and In spe.

“What Andres Mustonen and I were able to do together in the 1970s was a miracle under the circumstances, and something to be grateful for. At that time, there were no other musicians I was close with, apart from Hortus Musicus”, the composer said. Nora Pärt has recalled the difficult moment in 1980, when the Pärt family was forced to leave their homeland: “All our friends came over, and Mustonen even came with the whole ensemble”.

Arvo Pärt dedicated to Andres Mustonen the works Modus (1976), Arbos (1977), An den Wassern zu Babel saßen wir und weinten (1984) and La Sindone (2019/2022)

The Arvo Pärt Centre family warmly congratulates Andres Mustonen and wishes him a long and prolific creative journey!

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