500 Years of Song

Stage production

Sat 30. April 2022, 17.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Students of the 30th class of the EAMT’s Drama Department
Artistic director and conductor Riina Roose


“500 years of song – From the madrigal to step singing”

This may sound ambitious, but that’s what it is: the 30th class of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre’s (EAMT) drama department will coast through five centuries, guided by music. What was sung in these lands, and accompanied by which instruments? What is completely ours, what is foreign, what is universal? What has been brought here, what has been taken out to the world? Are we the periphery, or, as Marju Lepajõe has said: “We could decide that we are, in fact, the centre. We are not between East and West; instead, East and West are respective of our position […].”

These are fragments of a colourful mosaic of music history, a single glance. The programme includes a cappella singing as well as songs accompanied by instruments, dancing and fun, sayings and sermons.

The stage production by the 30th class will take place in cooperation with the Arvo Pärt Centre and EAMT’s drama department.

Director and musical lead Riina Roose.

Students of the 30th class of the EAMT’s drama department on the stage: Hardo Adamson, Maria Ehrenberg, Marta Aliide Jakovski, Elo Tuule Järv, Maria Teresa Kalmet, Alden Kirss, Merlin Kivi, Karel Käos, Maria Liive, Maarja Mõts, Jass Kalev Mäe, Hardi Möller, Roos Lisette Parmas, Tuuli Maarja Põldma, Erik Richard Salumäe, Margaret Sarv, Mark Erik Savi


Tickets 20€/12€/50€ on sale at the centre's information desk and through Fienta.


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