Anticipation, Patience, and Hope

An evening of music and poetry

Sat 2. December 2023, 17:00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Lembit Peterson, Mare Peterson, Tarmo Song, Eva Eensaar, Erik Richard Salumäe, Maria Teresa Kalmet
Villu Veski
Marge Loik


Theatrum’s actors Mare Peterson, Lembit Peterson, Tarmo Song, Eva Eensaar, Erik Richard Salumäe and Maria Teresa Kalmet, and musicians Villu Veski (saxophone) and Marge Loik (piano) will perform in the programme “Anticipation, Patience, and Hope” that intertwines poetry with music.

“We start from the premise that patient waiting in hope is at the foundation of all spiritual life and is particularly fitting for the Advent season. This is what we based our selection of poetry texts on, and this is how we approach the holy Christmas season, inspired by our Estonian thinkers and poets,” said Lembit Peterson in the introduction.

The works of Fanny de Sivers, Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Doris Kareva, Marie Under, Betti Alver, Heiti Talvik, Kalju Lepik, Jaan Kaplinski, Paul-Eerik Rummo, Juhan Liiv and others will be presented.

Inspired by the texts, Villu Veski and Marge Loik will play improvisations by Villu Veski and Reti Noorhani on Nordic folk music themes.




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