Sat 20. May 2023, 21:30


Arvo Pärt Centre


Bowrain (piano, Slovenia)


Tine Grgurevič, who goes by the name Bowrain, is a Slovenian composer, pianist, and music producer.

Since 2014, when his debut album Far Out was released, Bowrain has been fascinating audiences with his unconventional music, which combines piano, composition, vocals, DJing and producing. This genre-bending music extends from classical and jazz to ambient, electronica, ethno and indie pop. This album was followed in 2017 by Distracted: a substantively engaging piece of music that responds to the challenges of that time’s political (Saudade, Asil, Refugee) and social issues (Time, Continuum, Home), with the piano at the heart of the album’s intimacy. In January 2020, Bowrain offered up a grandiose musical project entitled 2020 Seconds Alive, that envisioned as a journey through his life and musical outposts, with an emphasis on his collaboration with the South African band The Brother Moves On.

In April 2023, he released a solo album entitled Heal Me, which was recorded and mixed by Simon Goff in Berlin’s Vox – Ton studio.

In addition to his full-length albums, he has also released several singles and EPs and composed music for works in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, and theater. He performs internationally, most often in Europe, but has also performed in the United States and South Africa.

Bowrain’s live performances are delightfully unpredictable. Sometimes he appears with the accompaniment of a trio, a small orchestra or a choir, while in other cases he appears alone at the piano, with or without electronics.

At the Arvo Pärt Centre Bowrain will be performing a solo piano concert. The concert is part of the programme of the Museum Night.


1 EUR (Museum Night special price). Tickets available at the Centre's info desk.


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