SEASON OPENING: Hortus Musicus


Sat 26. September 2020, 17.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Ensemble Hortus Musicus
Conductor Andres Mustonen
Jaanika Kuusik (soprano)
Toomas Vavilov (clarinet)


Due to the sudden illness of the violinist Vadim Repin, there have been changes to the program of the Arvo Pärt Center’ season opening concert on September 26. We do hope you will still want to take part of the concert. However, should you wish sho, we’ll refund the tickets. For more information please write:


The new programme for the season opening concert:

Tõnis Kaumann (1971)
– In paradisum (2019)
In memoriam Giya Kancheli

Tournai missa (u 1300)
Agnus Dei

Salamone Rossi (1570–1630)
– Al naharot Bavel / Paabeli jõgede kallastel (1622)

Galina Grigorjeva (1962)
– Na ishod / Lahkumisele (1999)
Ne speša Не спеша / Aeglaselt

Arvo Pärt (1935)
– Sei gelobt, du Baum (2007)
– Von Angesicht zu Angesicht (2005)

Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643)
– Madrigali guerrieri e amorosi, Libro VIII (1638)
Lamento della Nimfa, SV 163

Anthony Holborne (1545–1602)
– Süit (u 1599)

Giya Kancheli (1935–2019)
– Psalm (1993)

Tõnis Kaumann
– Ave Maria (2013)



The third concert season opening of the Arvo Pärt Center will feature the ensemble Hortus Musicus, whose repertoire is characterized by a lively intertwining of early music and contemporary music. This time, too, the music will bring listeners from the Middle Ages to the present day. The programme will have musical fragments from various Renaissance authors like Salomone Rossi, Anthony Holborne, and Claudio Monteverdi, as well as contemporary works by Arvo Pärt, Galina Grigorjeva, Tõnis Kaumann, and Giya Kancheli, who passed away last year. Soprano Jaanika Kuusik and clarinetist Toomas Vavilov will be contributing to the concert as well.


Tickets 25€/15€/50€ are available through Fienta or at the center's information desk.

Supporter's ticket of 50€ will entail a reserved seat in the middle of the hall and a guided tour of the entire house after the concert. The guide will wait for you at our info desk.

NB! Please do not visit the concert when You are ill. If You're unwell please let us know at least one hour before the concert ( and we can refund the tickets.


The Centre will be closed for visitors on August 20 due to a public holiday.