Järvi Academy in Laulasmaa


Sat 10. July 2021, 13.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Järvi Academy Sinfonietta
Conducting course participants


The internationally recognised Pärnu Music Festival combines its concert programme with music master classes and workshops that are taking place at the Järvi Academy. The Järvi family have always felt passionate about the music education of young Estonians, which is why they have laid the foundation for comprehensive master classes, most of which take place in Pärnu.

As a part of this years courses, the Järvi Academy is working with the Arvo Pärt Centre to conduct the first ever concert–master class, where the works of Arvo Pärt, performed by the Järvi Academy Sinfonietta and conducting students, will be accompanied by spoken interludes. The concert will include a performance of Festina Lente, Silouan’s Song and Trisagion. Introducing the works will be Kristina Kõrver and Kai Kutman from the Arvo Pärt Centre.


Limited number of tickets 25€/15€/50€ are available through Fienta or at the center's information desk.

Supporter's ticket of 50€ will entail a guided tour of the entire house after the concert. The guide will wait for you at our info desk.

NB! Please do not visit the concert when You are ill. If You're unwell please let us know at least one hour before the concert (info@arvopart.ee) and we can refund the tickets.


Attention! 6.-9. April, the Centre is closed to visitors. Happy Easter!