Listening In. Fratres

Musical talks

Sat 11. February 2023, 16.00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Kristina Kõrver (Arvo Pärt Centre)
Aile Tooming (Arvo Pärt Centre)
Harry Traksmann (violin)
Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann (piano)


The Arvo Pärt Centre’s new series of events “Listening Together” continues, the focus of which is conscious listening to music. We invite audiences to get inside the music and behind the sounds, to discover the spiritual and musical context related to the creation of the compositions.

This time, the focus is on one of Arvo Pärt’s best-known and most loved works, “Fratres”, completed in 1977. In the composer’s catalogue of works, we can find 18 different versions of the piece – we can listen to “Fratres” performed by a variety of ensembles, as well as by an orchestra, both with and without a soloist. But all these different soundworlds are based on the same musical DNA and reflect the musical and spiritual quests of Pärt’s tintinnabuli aesthetics.

While “Listening Together”, we will talk about the genesis of the work and explore what the archival material at the Arvo Pärt Centre tells us. Can we to some extent recreate the creative process with the help of the composer’s sketchbooks and manuscript scores? What ideas and people inspired the music of “Fratres”? What do Arvo Pärt’s notes in his music diaries reveal? What were the ideas, texts and places that the composer found to be spiritually enriching at the time? We will listen to the different sound colours of “Fratres” from recordings and in a live performance.

Kristina Kõrver and Aile Tooming from the Arvo Pärt Centre will help open up the work.

“Fratres” for violin and piano will be performed by Harry Traksmann and Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann.

The talk is in Estonian.