Sounds of Kellasalu


Sat 1. June 2019, 19.00




Peeter Margus (trombone)
Johannes Kiik (trombone)
Ingvar Leerimaa (trombone)
Mimosa Laine (trombone)
Enri Remmelgas (tuba).


We will start the summer season of the Arvo Pärt Centre on the first day of June with trombone music around the centre at Kellasalu, Laulasmaa.

Laulasmaa (which roughly translates as Singing Land) is a very “musical” name, and our adjacent village, Heliküla (Sound Village) has been a popular holiday place among musicians. Besides Heino Eller, several other composers and musicians had, or still have, a summer house here: Villem Reimann, Ester Mägi, Lepo Sumera and Tõnu Kaljuste among others.

Kellasalu (Bell Grove) has also become the home for Arvo Pärt’s archives and music, best known for his original sound language, tintinnabuli. Tintinnabulum means “little bell” in Latin.
On Saturday evening, the Kellasalu forest will be brought alive with music by Peeter Margus (trombone), Johannes Kiik (trombone), Ingvar Leerimaa (trombone), Mimosa Laine (trombone) and Enri Remmelgas (tuba).

After the performances, those interested can take a walk on a marked hiking trail that leads to Lohusalu Bay. The total length of the walk to the sea and back is 3.2 kilometres. Visitors will receive a map of the hiking trail upon their arrival.

We will gather at 7 pm at the Arvo Pärt Centre carpark, where participants will be given more detailed information about the evening’s events.

Please dress according to the weather conditions.

The event is free of charge but please register your intention to attend by writing to by the end of 30 May.