The rough draft as inner speech


Sat 31. October 2020, 15:00


Arvo Pärt Centre


Peeter Torop


The textological study of literary works has stemmed from the desire to understand the creative process. Ideally, all of the draft materials could be placed in chronological order so as to trace the author’s journey from the initial idea of creating new work to the final text itself. But in addition, each rough draft also has its own chronology. The combination of different elements in a rough draft may reflect the distinctive features of the creative thought process. There are writers who draw and those who mark down their associations as keywords. These may reflect the cultural space in which the work is being written and with which intertextual links are formed. Some creators start with pictures and then make their way to words, some do the opposite. In both cases, we can observe the creator’s communication with themselves – creative auto-communication, or the author’s inner speech. The lecture examines rough drafts as part of the creative thought process and provides examples of different creative methods and from different cultural fields.

Peeter Torop is Professor of the Semiotics of Culture, Department of Semiotics, Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, University of Tartu. In addition to the semiotics of culture, his research interests include translation and literary semiotics, film and transmedia studies. He has studied the manuscript legacy of Fyodor Dostoevsky and August Sang, including their rough drafts.

The lecture will be in Estonian.


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