Robert Wilson’s production “Adam’s Passion” on the music by Arvo Pärt


On 12 May, a new production based on the music of Arvo Pärt, by Robert Wilson, one of the most well-known American theatre directors and playwrights of avant garde theatre, will be premiered in Tallinn. The production, which will be performed on four evenings at Noblessner Foundry, can be considered one of the biggest events held during the Year of Music in Estonia programme.

The first ever collaboration between Pärt and Wilson, brings together the creative experience and understanding of the world of two world-renowned artists. This emotional spectacle of sound and light is based on Pärt’s most influential music: Adam’s Lament, Tabula rasa and Miserere, entwined with Sequentia composed specifically for the production.

The conductor and the director of the musical part of the production is Tõnu Kaljuste. The performers will be the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, vocal soloists Andrea Lauren Brown, David James, Maria Valdmaa, Marianne Pärna, Endrik Üksvärav, Tiit Kogerman, Tõnis Kaumann, Raul Mikson, Henry Tiisma and Andreas Väljamäe, violin soloists Harry Traksmann and Robert Traksmann, actors and dancers Lucinda Childs, Michalis Theophanus, Tatjana Kosmõnina, Erki Laur, Triin Marts, Indrek Hirsnik and Endro Roosimäe, as well as the students of theatre and dance academies.

Robert Wilson is considered a master of modern theatrical language and one of the main founders of avant-garde theatre. He has remained on top of the international scene since his seminal production of Einstein on the Beach (with Philip Glass, 1976). Wilson has been awarded, among others, a Pulitzer, two Premio Ubus, a Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale, and an Olivier Award.

The production is presented by the Estonian concert agency Eesti Kontsert in collaboration with the Milan production company Change Performing Arts, and supported by EAS (Enterprise Estonia), BLRT Grupp, Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Cultural Foundation. A documentary film (directed by Günter Attelnd) as well as the performance recording (directed by Andy Sommer) will also be produced by Accentus Music (Leipzig), ERR (Estonian National Broadcasting Company) and WDR in collaboration with ARTE and Eesti Kontsert.

There are more then 30 producers and festival programmers from Europe, Asia, North and South America expected to attend the premiere of “Adam’s Passion”. Eesti Kontsert is predicting to present the performance to more than 50 billion viewers during the next few years.

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