The Arvo Pärt Centre’s film evenings “Pärt & Film”


The Arvo Pärt Centre’s film evenings “Pärt & Film”, taking place from August 13th to August 15th, exhibit the surprisingly rich and versatile film language of screen works in which Arvo Pärt’s music is used.

We will start with a film that turns 30 this year by Leos Carax, an admired and feared classic of French cinema. “Les Amants du Pont-Neuf”, a magnificent high-budget romantic movie with big stars, which fabulously captures the romantic image of Paris, was one of the first high-caliber films to use Arvo Pärt’s musical works.

The second film is really fresh. The dreamy and sensitive story of two youngsters getting to know the harsh lives of adults by Alexandre Rockwell titled “Sweet Thing” has not yet been screened in Estonia. This black-and-white film, an American indie movie, takes us into the middle of a glamor-free and illusion-free life in a sleepy coastal city.

Finally, we show an essayistic reflection on the beauty, charm, dangers, and enchantment of mountains. The beautiful documentary “Mountain” by the Australian director Jennifer Peedom, screened a few years ago, combines elements from the technical arsenal of history, anthropology, sports, and nature films, resulting in a truly beautiful screen experience.

For the first time, we will be showing all of the films in Laulasmaa at the Arvo Pärt Centre.

From December 23 to January 2 the Arvo Pärt Centre will be closed for Christmas holidays.