Music Meets Film. Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Mon 21. November 2022


Arvo Pärt Centre


PÖFF Industry


Over the past few years, Music Meets Film (MMF) has evolved to become a recognizable brand and a highly anticipated series of events, laid out in a three-day program every November. The aim is on one hand to bring competency and experienced professionals as guest speakers for masterclasses and workshops to Estonia for the local industry to benefit, be it institutions, companies, professionals as well as students, and on the other hand to develop a platform of a meeting place and for creatives to extend their network in the film – and film music professionals.

MMF brings together composers and directors; from music and sound creatives through to producers, agents, and the wider music and film industry. It aims to build bridges between creatives, grow as an interdisciplinary meeting place, and encourage new International collaborations.

Music Meets Film Program 2022

*The event is accessible to accredited guests of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event at industry.poff.ee

Monday, 21 November // Arvo Pärt Centre

If you need transportation to Arvo Pärt Centre at Laulasmaa, please register yourself HERE

11:00–11:15 Opening of Music Meets Film 2022*

Introduction to this year’s program by Music Meets Film curator Michael Pärt.

11:15–12:00 Opening panel: Current trends*

MMF’s opening panel touches on current trends in the scoring, gaming, and music industry. The panelists will share their experiences in the industry. Michael Pärt will moderate composer Aram Shahbazians, agent & score supervisor Alice Atkinson, composer Quentin Sirjacq, and composer Nicolas Becker.

12:00–13:15 MMF Trio Series*

This year’s Trio Series will touch on “How Directors Think – How Composers Think & How Editors Think”. Moderator Kaarel Kuurmaa will take us on a retrospective case study of 2022’s two installments of the Melchior the Apothecary feature films with composer Liina Sumera, director Elmo Nüganen, and editor – Marion Koppel.
This panel will also be broadcasted via web stream!

14:15–15:15 How to become a music agent*

Why is the role of an agent for creatives so important, and how to enter this field and develop skills to become and grow as an artists’ agent? Music agent and score supervisor Alice Atkinson from the internationally-renowned agency Air-Edel will take us on a journey to explore these – and many other questions. Moderated by music agent and consultant Thea Zaitsev.
This panel will also be broadcasted via web stream!

15:15–16:00 Keeping the intellectual property in order*

Renato Horvath and Hannes Tschürtz specialise in the licensing process as labels, publishers, sync agents, and music supervisors. Together with artist and performer Maarja Nuut, we will hear their relevant story for performing artists, ensembles, bands, managers, agents, songwriters & composers about their experience in getting the licensing and contractual part of ones’ business in order and have all ducks in a row. This panel is moderated by Toomas Oljum.
This panel will also be broadcasted via web stream!

16:15–17:00 Speed Networking*

An opportunity to meet this year’s panelists and mentors in a round of informal 5-minute speed meetings.

19:00–20:30 Live scoring to film: Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being*

Acclaimed Composer William Goldstein will show us his unique talent by creating an instant score on stage for a live audience whilst watching Jaan Tootsen’s 65-minute feature documentary Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being for the very first time.
This lecture will also be broadcasted via web stream!

20:30–21:00 Live scoring to film: “Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being” Q&A*

Following the live-scoring film screening, we will be part of a dialogue between film director Jaan Tootsen and William Goldstein, followed by a Q&A with the audience.
This lecture will also be broadcasted via web stream!

Tuesday, 22 November // Music Estonia & Nordic Hotel Forum

10:00–12:00 One-on-one mentorships @ Music Estonia

Meet a selection of this year’s MMF panelists and mentors for a 20-minute for 1:1 mentorship session. Pre-registration is required as there is limited availability.

  • Music Agent/Score Supervisor: Alice Atkinson
  • Label/Publisher/Sync: Hannes Tschürtz
  • Games Composer: Aram Shahbazians
  • Film Composer: William Goldstein

14:00–15:30 Music Tech Talk @ Music Estonia*

Selected MMF panelists lead the conversations on all matters of technology — what gear do we use, which machines work best, plugin finds, and which workflow makes a composers’ setup work best.

  • Games Composer: Aram Shahbazians
  • Film Composer: Liina Sumera
  • Composer and Orchestral Tools CEO: Hendrik Schwarzer

15:30–17:00 My Greatest Failures @ Music Estonia*

Panelists composer William Goldstein and Agent & Score Supervisor Alice Atkinson share their greatest failures, trials, and tribulations, and how they’ve come out of them stronger.

19:00–22:00 Music Meets Film Award and Happy Composer Hour @ Nordic Hotel Forum*

Announcement of the MMF Award 2022 winner and the prizes of EUR 2000 and generous collections of Orchestral Tools virtual instrument licenses handover. Round off the festival with a relaxed evening of music, drinks, and cultivated conversation with fellow composers, filmmakers, and Music Meets Film guests during the MMF “Happy Composer Hour”.

*The event is accessible to accredited guests of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event at industry.poff.ee
The time zone for the schedule is Eastern European Time (EET).



Attention! 6.-9. April, the Centre is closed to visitors. Happy Easter!