Terms and Conditions

Arvo Pärt Centre Residency Terms and Conditions

  • The creative room is a spacious white room with a large glass wall overlooking the pine forest. There is a large round table, desk, sofa and extra chairs. If desired, the large white wall can be used to set schemes or diagrams. It is possible to use a large screen and flipchart if required.
  • The resident is welcome to use other rooms at the APC, including our library, reading rooms and the concert hall.
  • The resident has access to the musical instruments available at the APC: Steinway Spirio R, Steinway upright piano, harpsichord, harmonium.
  • The APC Residency Programme welcomes applicants who are consistent with the goals of the centre.
  • The resident works alone in the residency room, except when the residency has been awarded for a group/collective.
  • The residency does not include the public presentation of work at the APC; there are no available gallery premises at the APC.
  • Projects at the APC residency space do not have to be related to Arvo Pärt’s work.
  • APC does not assess the resident’s work process or completed work.
  • APC does not offer its own ideas and is not a creative cooperation partner, except for musicologists and researchers who deal with topics related to Arvo Pärt’s work.
  • If/when possible, the artist can present their work or process results at the end of the residency, but is not obliged to do so.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Estonian Government the Arvo Pärt Centre is closed 3-28 March.