Indra Jõgis


Indra is one of our longest-serving employees. She joined the Arvo Pärt Centre as an assistant in 2011, when the centre was just taking its form. What brought her here was mainly her interest in culture.

Indra is the soul and host of the centre. As the Managing Director’s assistant, she fulfils various tasks: ensuring professional replies to all letters and e-mails sent to the centre, managing the centre itself, acting as an assistant in HR matters and bookkeeping, and also managing the work of the centre’s shop and online shop.

Before joining the centre, Indra worked as a customer manager at Chart Bank and the Sun Life Financial insurance company in the United States. She has also worked in several Estonian family enterprises, being responsible for document management and customer service, and previously managed the Keila parish cemeteries for several years.

Indra majored in business management at Quincy College, holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston College, and has continued her education with an MA in European studies at Tallinn University.

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