Saara Laurik

Head of residency programme (part-time)

Saara joined the Arvo Pärt Centre in the spring of 2018, when preparations were underway for the opening of the new building. Arvo Pärt’s music has had a profound impact on her life and she was very interested to work with people dedicated to mediating and preserving Arvo Pärt’s creative heritage.

Saara coordinates the Centre’s residency programme, which offers artists from different fields, both in Estonia and abroad, the opportunity to take time to come to the Centre’s creative room to work on their projects. She also manages ticket sales for the Centre’s events.

Prior to joining the Arvo Pärt Centre, Saara worked for six years as a member of the Black Nights Film Festival team. She has always been interested in film and music – areas she has also been professionally involved in.

Saara graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in Cultural Studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Science (Change Management in Society) at the University of Tartu.

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