Anneli Kivisiv


Anneli started her work as an archivist at the Arvo Pärt Centre in 2013. She is responsible for ensuring that Arvo Pärt’s creative heritage and related documents are correctly stored and systematised in accordance with best archiving practice.

Anneli plays an important role in the development of the Arvo Pärt Information System (APIS) created specifically for the centre. Her tasks also include registering documents, collecting new information and digitising the Archives. She also instructs archivists and volunteers.

Anneli particularly appreciates the diversity of her work and the challenge of systematising a personal collection of documents during the composer’s lifetime. She takes pleasure in the fact that an archivist’s work grants people access to documents of interest even centuries later.

Anneli has worked as an archivist since 2003. Before joining the centre, she was an archivist for the Technical Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Estonia for five years. In 2016, she passed the Certified Archivist Exam, Level 7.

She graduated from the master’s programme in art education at the Tallinn Pedagogical University.

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