Michael Pärt / Chairman of the Board
Immanuel Pärt / Member of the Board
Nora Pärt / Member of the Board
Reet Remmel / Member of the Board
Indrek Laul / Member of the Board
Liivika Simmul / Member of the Board
Peter Gartiser /Member of Board


Anu Kivilo / Managing Director
Indra Jõgis / Assistant
Riin Eensalu / Head of Communication
Nele Meikar / Communications specialist
Kai Kutman / Editor, Musicologist
Kristina Kõrver / Editor, Musicologist
Immo Mihkelson / Editor
Anneli Kivisiv / Archivist
Aile Tooming / Editor, Archive Specialist
Hele-Mai Poobus / Editor, Archive Specialist
Ardo Västrik / Editor, Archive Specialist
Karin Kopra / Editor, Archive Specialist
Toomas Schvak / Librarian


In addition to permanent staff we are grateful to a number of professional partners and volunteers for their help.